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Moving tips

Checklist  for everyone


Checklist for changing your address when moving

A move not only requires good planning and physical work, but administrative tasks also have to be carried out. Some bureaucratic steps can be taken care of after the move, but some offices should be informed of the change of address before the move.

Re-register at the registration office

You have to contact your responsible person within 3 days of moving in  Registration office  re-register.

Required Documents:

  • Official ID with full name

  • Completed registration form 

  • Passport if you  are not an Austrian citizen.


Re-register at the tax office

As a rule, the tax office does not have to be specially informed of the change of residence, as this information is communicated via the Central Residential Register (ZMR). So it is usually enough that you have given your new address to the responsible registration office.

Are you  independently, then you have to change your address together with your tax number within one month  notify your responsible tax office.

Re-register with social security

The change of address at the responsible  Social Insurance Institution  is associated with little effort. You can easily do everything online on the SV website with a click of the mouse.

Re-register vehicles and vehicle insurance

Your new address must be communicated to the vehicle registration office within 1 week. After the new address has been changed in the vehicle registration certificate, you have to  report the new address of your car insurance company.

For this you need:​

  • Vehicle insurance, policy number


Re-register at banks and credit institutions

If you have accounts or other contracts with different banks, these must be  all will be informed in writing of the change of address. Often this can also be done via the online banking area. ​


Re-register kindergarten / school

School-age children must be registered with their new school / kindergarten in good time. At the same time, the children in the old school / care facility must be deregistered. If your children do not change schools / care facilities, you should get your new address there in good time  announce.

GIS (radio and television)

In Austria it is compulsory to pay broadcasting fees if you use a radio or television at home, which of course applies to most households. The fees for Info Service (GIS for short) must also be informed of the change of address. This is possible  online .

Internet and telephone

The existing internet contract or the telephone connection should also be canceled as quickly as possible or transferred to the new tenant so that everything is in order.

Forwarding order to the post office

You can  at the post office  Forwarding order  set up. Preferably  2-3 weeks before the move. So you go on number  ensure that mail sent to your old address will find its way to the new address.

Re-register at clubs

Don't forget your clubs  to notify you of your move  (Sports club, hunting club, etc).

Re-registering various insurance companies

Sit down  yours  Insurance is best in writing  about the new address.

Electricity and / or gas supplier

Moving can also be a great way to find a new electricity provider. With this you can quickly save yourself a few euros a year and it is done quickly.

Dog tax

Your dog must be registered at the new place of residence and de-registered from the old place of residence. You can find more information about this  on the internet .

Newspaper subscriptions

All newspaper subscriptions should also be informed of the change of address.

Public transport company

If you have an annual pass from  local transport company, then share your new address here as well.  


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